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BEIT offers exciting ways to experience first hand China.It's voluntourism is at it's best.You have the ability to immerse yourself in a completely different land and culture while gaining a new cultural understanding. The rewards are astounding!

  1. Learn about Chinese culture
  2. Be part of a Chinese family
  3. Help other people
  4. Volunteer in teaching English school
  5. Get TESOL certificate
  6. Learn about people

Volunteer 5-15 hours each week in exchange for room and board in China!  Teach 5 hours of English at home and another 10 hours in one of our schools. Weekends are normally free to experience the culture by traveling around China.  Placement is in the capital of China, Beijing.

This is a great program for people who want to experience life in China and the Chinese culture in-depth.  The program has a focus on cultural exchange and host families are not only excited to learn English but also love to share the characteristics of their country, culture and cuisine.

The Need: Native English speakers volunteer 5 hours a week helping your host family with Conversational English and another 10 hours in one of our schools.  Be in good health and abide by the country laws and family’s rules. Many Chinese families want to learn English or get better at speaking English through conversation.They are willing to provide a private room and 3 home-cooked, healthy meals each day.

What you get for program fee:

  1. Airport pick up
  2. 2 days orientation including 1/2 day tour around Beijing, 2 nights’ accommodation, 3 meals a day
  3. Transportation from the office to the host family.
  4. Personalized placement with a host family in China
  5. Placement in a school
  6. TESOL --Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certificate (optional)
  7. Your own private room, sometimes free breakfast & dinner provided by the HF.
  8. Basic language assistance and (optional) language classes.
  9. Free B.E.I.T membership card which will be 10% discount if you want to go traveling with other B.E.I.T members around Beijing.
  10. Visa assistance
  11. Professional staff to provide orientation, supervision and guidance throughout your stay.
Program Type
Teach 5 hours to family only
Teach 5 hours to family and 10 hours to school
No teaching required just homestay

Program Length:

Registration fee: $50

(optional) TESOL certificate fee:$300

Those who are in Beijing qualified for a 20% discount of the registration fee.

Additional information:

Chinese classes:

If you would like to attend Chinese classes, B.E.I.T will place you to our partner Mandarin school. Usually the fee is $10-$15 per hour.

Invitation letter for F visa:

If you want to stay for over 3 months, you need to apply for F visa. The invitation letter is $100 which should be paid before you apply for the visa.

Tour Package

Our travel program in Beijing also offers the following services: You can enjoy the VIP services for yourself! Tour around Beijing: You can choose 5 places in Beijing that interests you. Below you can also select the following choices that you feel most suitable:

Option A Option B Option C
A=$150/person, you will get :
Tour guide to 5 famous sights(one sight per day)
★You must pay the entrance fee to any of the 5 sights visited, transportation and lunch for the tour guide.
Choice B=$350/person, you will get 5 famous sights (one sight per day)
A tour guide to the 5 famous sights
Public transportation to the sights
Lunch each day
Choice C= $450/person with at least 2 people are to apply: you will get:
5 famous sights (one sight per day)
A tour guide to the 5 famous sights
A private car/bus for transportation to the sights
A private car/bus for transportation to the sights of interest
Lunch each day

How to apply:

  1. Step one: Ask for information from the homestay program director Scarllet or register in
  2. Step two: Fill the application form and hand in the registration fee
  3. Step three: B.E.I.T will match you to a proper host family within two weeks after getting your application form.
  4. Step four: Give you the host family information and finish matching.Start to apply for visa.
  5. Step five: Give B.E.I.T itinerary, B.E.I.T will send you pre-departure orientation and arrange airport pick up.
  6. Step six: 2 days orientation and hand in the program fee and the deposit
  7. Step seven: Move into the host family house.
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